Cell Charge Extreme – Newest Addition to the “Clear” Line

Cell Charge Extreme newest addition to the "Clear" Line by Future Body Sciences, Inc.

Cell Charge Extreme is a dietary supplement promoted and distributed by Daniel Phend, master herbalist and CEO of Future Body Sciences, Inc.

Cell Charge Extreme™ is the ultimate whole food that tastes great. Many tests and modifications have resulted in a high quality whole food drink that support energy, vitality, immune function, antioxidant levels, digestion, detoxification, organs and glands, longevity, stress reduction, memory, and more.

Contains vitamins and minerals in their natural state from plants and greens . . . not man-made. Safe Superior Quality, Concentrated Food for the Future, No Caffeine, No Stimulants, No Sweeteners and All Natural.

Spirulina – Supports energy, weight control, natural B-12 and other natural vitamins and minerals including Beta Carotene, six times more Calcium than milk.

Chlorella- Natural cleanser of toxic metals, purifier, powerful in Chlorophyll, natural Iron and blood builders, known as nature’s green magic. Helps control monthly Calcium loss, RNA/DNA.

Alfalfa- Known as the “Father of all Foods,” high in vitamins and minerals, trace elements, a good source of Vitamin A and K, it has eight essential Amino Acids, is high in Chlorophyll.

Wheat Grass- A super source of vitamins. Grows seven inches and is cut at the root, this juice concentrate is a complete food high in enzymes, it assists in cleansing and rebuilding, it is a neutralizer of toxins, and helps the skin and most organs.

Barley Juice- It is a quick source of energy in high quality food like Spirulina, Chlorella, and Alfalfa. It is very nutritious.

Carrot Powder- This concentrated freeze-dried carrot powder is activated when liquid is added and mixed in. It is a high source of Beta Carotene and is known as an antioxidant and an immune helper.

Flax Seed- It is an excellent source of Omega 3, 6, 8, and Alpha-Linoleic Acid. Omega 6 and Oleic Acid assist in healthy nutrition in many areas, such as: immunity, flexibility, nourishes skin, and a sense of well-being.

Bilberry- Protection for the eyes, night vision, veins, nerves, the central nervous system, circulatory system, and helps strengthen weak capillaries.

Milk Thistle- Used in Europe for years in cleansing and rebuilding of liver, it is the great liver protector against drugs that harm the liver.

Royal Jelly- Vitality, skin tone, stress, immune system, and high in vitamins.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Touted in most of the world as a memory enhancer, promotes a healthy vascular system and immune system and helps increase energy.

Apple Pectin and Oat Bran- Both are a high source of necessary fiber and colon cleansers.

Cinnamon- In the Orient, this has been used as a catalyst in many food and herb combinations.

Earth Zyme Base (Exclusive and proprietary) – A natural source of minerals, cultures, trace elements, and probiotics.

Ingredients: Chlorella (cracked Cell Concentrate), Spirulina Concentrate, Alfalfa Juice Concentrate, Carrot (root), Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) Extract, Milk Thistle (seed) Concentrate, Royal Jelly, Wheat Grass Concentrate, Bilberry (fruit) Concentrate, Cinnamon (bark), Flax (seed) oil, Pine (bark) Extract, Apple Pectin, Barley Juice Concentrate, Bromelain, Earthzyme, Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin E.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. Future Body Sciences, Inc. in no way dispenses medical advice, prescribes remedies, or assumes responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. Consult a healthcare professional before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

Cell Charge Extreme Product Label Information:

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 tablespoon (approx. 9 g)
Servings Per Container: Approx. 50
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin E 180 IU 600% DV
Proprietary Blend approx 9 g
*Organic Chlorella (Cracked Cell), Organic Spirulina, Organic Alfalfa Juice Concentrate, Organic Carrot (root) Powder, Organic Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) Extract, Organic Milk Thistle (seed) Concentrate, Royal Jelly (100% Pure), Organic Wheat Grass Concentrate, Bilberry (fruit) Concentrate, Organic Cinnamon (bark), Organic Flax (seed) Oil (vegetarian Omega 3), Pine (bark) Extract, Organic Apple Pectin, Organic Barley Juice Concentrate, Bromelain, Earthzyme Blend [Spirulina, Plant Derived Trace Minerals, Krebs Cycle blend (various mineral salt of citric, fumaric, malic, succinic, aspartic and glutamic acids), Barley (leaf), Alfalfa (leaf), Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Black Walnut (hulls), Kelp], Co-Enzyme Q10. *Daily Value (DV) not established.

Contains Black Walnut (hulls), Wheat (grass) Concentrate and Milk Derivatives.
Contains NO yeast, corn, egg, starch, preservatives, artificial coloring, or sweeteners.

Warnings: If pregnant or breast-feeding,
ask a health professional before use. Consult
a physician for use in children under 12 years of age. If you have an allergy to tree nuts
(Including Black Walnut), wheat, or milk/dairy, you should not use this product.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if tamper seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

Suggested use: Either one level or one heaping tablespoon of Cell Charge Extreme mixed into 8 oz. or more of your favorite juice in the morning on an empty stomach, if possible. Dissolves best when shaken vigorously. Tastes good on cereal. For added support try one teaspoon mixed in yogurt anytime of the day. Cell Charge Extreme is an all natural, whole food blend. The greens and herbs are concentrated and of the highest quality available.

Distributed by
Future Body Sciences, Inc.
Elkhart, IN 46516
(574) 825-0401

Side Effects, Allergic Reactions & Restrictions to “Clear” Line™ Use

Are there potential side effects or allergic reactions to the “Clear” Line™?

There are no known side effects or reactions to the “Clear” Line™ unless the patient is allergic to the specific herbs present in each herbal formula or they ingest more than the recommended dose suggested by their health practitioner.

Are there any restrictions to using the “Clear” Line™?

Due to the high alcohol/ethanol content, clients with ulcers may have difficulty taking the liquid formulas because the alcohol will irritate the lining of the stomach. To remedy this, boil a pot of water on the stove and pour its contents into a glass or tea cup. Pour the suggested dose of “Clear” Line™ formula into the steaming cup of water and let the cup sit for at least a minute. This will flash the alcohol/ethanol from the boiling cup of water, leaving only the herbs. You can then drink it as a hot tea or let it cool before drinking.

It is not recommended that a client take ENHANCE™ if he/she is also taking a blood thinner, due to three or more herbs in this formula that also act to thin the blood.

Once a woman has learned that she is pregnant she should discontinue use of the “Clear” Line™ until after the end of her pregnancy. There is nothing in the formulas that would prevent becoming pregnant.

Alcohol Intolerance and the “Clear” Line™

What should a person do if they cannot have alcohol/ethanol, which is the carrier in most of the “Clear” Line™ herbal formulas?

Boil a pot of water on the stove and pour its contents into a glass or tea cup.  Pour the suggested dose of “Clear” Line™ formula into the steaming cup of water and let the cup sit for at least a minute.  This will flash the alcohol/ethanol from the boiling cup of water, leaving only the herbs.  You can then drink it as a hot tea or let it cool before drinking.

pH testing – Future Body Sciences

What does Daniel use to check on the pH of the body?  Is it the saliva or the urine, or something else?  What does he consider to be optimal pH?

I, Daniel Phend, use pHion Balance pH strips.  I encourage you to look them up on the web at www.phionbalance.com.

When using the pHion pH strips, I have my clients test their urine pH twice a day, the first and second times they urinate during the day.  The first testing would include an early-morning run to the bathroom if the need arises.  They should take the official reading of the strip after 90 seconds of exposure to the urine.

I expect the first healthy pH reading to be lower, about 6.5, and generally very yellow, which means that the kidneys are properly removing toxins from the body.  The second pH testing should result in a pH reading of 7.0 or slightly higher.  I view this second pH reading as the most important reading of the two, and the reading by which you want to gauge your client’s actual pH.

Future Body Sciences, pH testing proceduresI also have my clients test their saliva pH once a day, in the morning when they first test their urine pH.  I like to see a consistent saliva pH of 6.5.  As with the urine, they should take the official reading of the strip after 90 seconds of exposure to the saliva.

Also see pH Clear, my Clear Line product specifically designed to restore the body’s perfect pH.

K Clear™ & Mag Clear™ Usage

How does one use the K Clear™ and Mag Clear™ in conjunction with the other core “Clear” Line™ products?

K-Clear part of the All-Natural Herbal product line from Future Body Sciences called the "Clear" LineK CLEAR™ and MAG CLEAR™ are wonderful tools that I, Daniel Phend, use when I am working with a client and their colon is having difficulty moving food/waste through the bowel.  I have found that these two products, when used jointly, are effective at hydrating the cells, which is essential for proper bowel function.

When a person is drinking lots of water and is still having difficulty with constipation I first recommend that they take KIDNEY CLEAR™.  Mag-Clear Part of the Future Body Sciences "Clear" LineIf the constipation continues and the person’s urine is consistently clear, which it should not be if the nephrons in the kidneys are functioning properly, they are likely in need of K CLEAR™ and MAG CLEAR™.  These “Clear” Line™ products hydrate the cells, assisting the colon by restoring proper bowel function, and assisting the kidneys by increasing the bicarbonate concentration in the blood and thus helping remove the acidosis which is clogging the kidneys and preventing proper elimination.

Concerning K CLEAR™, the ingredients are potassium, chloride and water.  The potassium helps to alkalize the body while the chloride sanitizes the intestines.  I call potassium chloride the “great sanitizer and cooler.”

Concerning MAG CLEAR™, the ingredients are magnesium, chloride and water.  Magnesium is known as the relaxer.  I call it the “ultimate ice-pack of biochemistry.”  K CLEAR™ and MAG CLEAR™ are used together for cellular hydration.

Controlling our food

Controlling Our Food

On March 11, 2008 a documentary was aired on French television – a documentary that Americans won’t ever see. The gigantic bio-tech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years.

Future Body Sciences is dedicated to reversing the effects caused by tragedies like this.

Daniel’s “Clear” Line™ Story

Daniel’s “Clear” Line™ Story

“A New Approach for the Body’s Perfect Cleansing System”
Daniel Phend
Future Body Sciences, Inc.

Updated October 2010

The "Clear" Line - Daniel Phend's Herbal Detoxification Line

My Realization

My “Clear” Line™ of detoxification products was formulated as a result of the need to improve the basic approach of assisting the body in balancing its own chemistry levels. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I noticed two outstanding occurrences:

1) Client’s general symptoms were becoming acute and chronic more quickly.

2) Client’s recovery processes were becoming more intense with a need for larger doses and more numerous vitamins, herbs, and homeopathic remedies.

In addition, clients’ recovery programs were becoming exorbitantly expensive and taking longer before levels of recovery became evident. It was also during this time that I, along with the healing community, noticed the deep concentration of new chemicals and pollutants in the environment. Further, I noticed that these new toxins were inhibiting the body’s own metabolic pathways, and that the conditions I was increasingly observing related directly to the body’s inability to cleanse itself of naturally occurring waste. The collection of these observations led me to change my strategy as a practitioner.

My Approach

My new strategy was to decongest the primary detoxification organs that were already perfectly designed to keep the body clean. I thus directed my attention to the intestines, liver and kidneys, understanding the need to clear out the dangerous debris that causes massive amounts of free radicals and degeneration. I then realized that, by clearing out the debris and removing the source of all this metabolic corruption, the body would naturally regain its order and coherency.

My Solution

With this understanding, I then set about to find a product that could clear the debris. At the time there were many new “Nutraceutical Era” products that appeared promising. Unfortunately, none were able to deal with the amount of free radicals and the strength of the pathology I was encountering. In response, through 13 years of research based on the science of phytopharmacology, I found the perfect herbs strong enough to restore the body to full utilization of its own cleansing systems.

The result of my research is the core of the “Clear” Line™, formulated into seven products and taken in four phases:

  1. Deturge™ – the Phase One–Four product that begins the cleansing process by providing support to the digestive system.
  2. pH Clear™ – used, beginning in Phase Two, to balance the pH of the body.
  3. Kidney Clear™ – used in Phase Two to help restore the body’s filtration system.
  4. Liver Clear™ – used in Phase Three to help restore the body’s filtration system.
  5. Lymph Clear™ – used in Phase Four for cleansing of the fluid around the body’s cells.
  6. CA Clear™ – used in the cleansing process in the latter phases to help support weakened immune systems.
  7. Enhance™ – used in the cleansing process in the latter phases to supercharge detoxification and the delivery system of vitamins and minerals to the body.

By following specific protocols, each client showed the expected detoxification benefits. I could now work with much smaller doses of vitamins and minerals as the body absorbed and metabolized with greater efficiency.

I also found an unexpected surprise! While many of the homeopathics taken prior to using the “Clear” Line™ had lost their effectiveness in clients due to the disruption of toxins and metals, these same homeopathics now worked with great impact in clear tissues. The toxins and heavy metals in the body had acted as static noise. I would send in a specific frequency with the homeopathic and it simply was not heard. Yet now, after clearing away the toxins, the frequency was heard and the intended benefits realized.

Clinical Use of The “Clear” Line™

Future Body Sciences, Inc. uses a clinical approach to detoxification that involves four distinct phases, each one designed to detoxify at progressively deeper levels.

Phase One

Phase One prepares the glands, organs, and tissues of the body for cleansing. Deturge™ contains more than forty herbs that provide nutrients and begin the cleansing processes. The goal of the first phase is to enhance the digestive system’s potential to cleanse its mucosal membranes of sludge and debris that may be causing inefficient absorption.

Phases Two & Three

The goal of Phases Two & Three is to restore the body’s own filtration system to 100% efficiency so it can once again fulfill its designed function of sorting through debris and toxins. Using clinical strength herbs in Kidney Clear™ (Phase Two) and Liver Clear™ (Phase Three), we are able to go deeper into the tissues and cells of these two organs. This phase allows us to penetrate deeper into the organs where the toxins are residing while restoring efficiency to the entire system. They have found that this approach helps to decrease the symptoms usually associated with the detoxification process.

Phase Four

The goal of Phase Four is to look into the deepest parts of the body – the health of the cells. The specific target for cleansing at this phase is the extra fluid surrounding the cells. This extra-cellular fluid is responsible for delivering and removing the cell’s waste and must be kept clear of debris that lends itself to becoming food for potential pathogens. It is of the utmost importance to have this extra-cellular fluid, which becomes lymph fluid, cleansed and purified of toxins and potential pathogens. This is accomplished with the use of Lymph Clear™. The groundwork laid in the preceding two phases has enabled Future Body Sciences, Inc. to reach this depth of cleansing and maintain this level of detoxification.

“Clear” Line Facts

  1. Specially formulated by Daniel Phend, Master Herbalist and CEO, Future Body Sciences, Inc.
  2. Each formula contains potent herbs processed using Energique’s specialized spagyric method.
  3. “Clear” remedies are available only in clinical strength.
  4. Formulas are available in multiple sizes appropriate for individual client recovery programs.

Client Experiences

“I love DeturgeTM. It is a wonderful product. I’ve noticed it does a good job in cleaning out my system. I’ve tried other products and nothing compares to this. I have recommended it to many people.” (Practitioner, NY)

“The Lymph-ClearTM has been instrumental in clearing out the congestion in my system which seems to be a real weakness for me. I used to always experience sore spots on my chest which were sore to the touch, and now after taking the lymph clear the pain is totally gone. I plan on staying on this product.” (Busy House-Mom, IN)

“I have experienced kidney troubles and edema for years. I went on the Kidney-ClearTM and haven’t had any troubles. It has absolutely taken care of this condition. I won’t be without my Kidney-Clear.” (Retired, TN)

Clear Line Testimonial

Debbie Thormahlen Testimonial

A dark field practitioner who learned I had Stage IV breast cancer mets to my left femur strongly urged me to begin implementing the TrueRife machine. I called TrueRife and ordered the machine and received the protocols to follow. They also put me on the Clearline products. When I questioned how I should best use them they referred me to Daniel Phend. Since my case was severe he worked me in as quickly as possible.

Upon my second visit and evaluation Daniel was able to see that cancer cells are attacking my liver.

Daniel evaluated me and initially prescribed Clearline products, TrueRife frequencies, juicing, along with a few other things, and makes changes as needed along the way. Daniel willingly incorporates and works with what my oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is doing for me. To combat the liver attack I have been given some new things to do. I was having excessive sweating and in only one week on this new program I began having a lot fewer of them.

I feel that Deturge in particular helped me when I did 30 radiation treatments. I never got the fatigue I was told I would get and that most others have gotten. I kept my energy even during the 6 weeks of driving myself an hour to and an hour home for the treatments and my husband having 2 knee replacement surgeries during this time. The Staments product also helped me keep my immune system built up.

Daniel also gave me something to use for the radiation skin change which has been very helpful too.

I tell others about Daniel all the time. The practitioner I was seeing for dark field analysis regards Daniel so highly that he defers to anything to Daniel instructs me to do. I would tell anyone who needed help to go to him. I have convinced my husband who has very early prostate cancer to go.

DT, Prophetstown, IL

Future Body Sciences, Inc.

56028 Parkway Ave. Suite D #142
Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: 574-825-0401



Daniel Phend’s recommended "Clear" Line™ Protocol for chronic and critical clients:

Daniel Phend's recommended protocol for "Clear" Line Use

These formulas are to be used only under the direct oversight of a trained “Clear” Line™ Health Professional. The “Clear” Line™ Protocol is for “Clear” Line™ Health Professional reference and use only.

Phase 1)

Deturge (daily detergent; take indefinitely)

Phase 2)

Deturge, Kidney Clear & pH Clear (Take pH Clear until pH is balanced; looking for graduation over time and no significant dips; dips attributable to bad foods, acid pocket, or the immune system fighting an infection that is setting in or established.)

Phase 3)

Deturge, Liver Clear, pH Clear, Enhance & Pre and Pro Biotics (Biotics: We do not sell these through Future Body Sciences, Inc. but there are several good brands to choose from.)

Phase 4)

Deturge, Lymph Clear, pH Clear, Enhance & CA Clear (Lymph & CA used in combination to boost immune system.)

Remain about 2 months on each phase; a reasonable amount of time to allow for the body to drain considering the body’s chemistry.
Wait until the kidneys are working at about 85% efficiency before moving to the Liver Clear (Phase 3) from Phase 2. This is generally determined through muscle testing.

"Clear" Line™ Recommended Dosages:

Deturge – 1 Heaping TBSP before bed

pH Clear – 4 capsules before bed; critical clients should take an additional 4 capsules at 3PM.

"Clear" Line™ liquids:

Begin dosage at 1 tsp./day and ladder up until reaching the full recommended daily dose.
Use ladder dosing: Add 1 tsp. after every four days until the full recommended daily dose is reached, unless the detoxification becomes too intense.

A hypersensitive/volatile client should ladder up a tsp. once every seven days.

1 tsp. –> 2 tsp./day for the average chronic client
1 tsp. –> 4 tsp./day for a critical client

No dose should ever exceed 4 tsp./day, even for the most critical of clients.

(Note: A chronic client taking the normal 2 tsp./day dose will use 10 oz. of each "Clear" Line™ liquid in a month.)

Another approximation: 1 drop/lb. of body weight for the average client and 2 drops/lb. of body weight for the critical client, but should never exceed a total of 4 tsp./day. (Note: 1 tsp. = 60 drops)

Take half the daily dose of "Clear" Line™ liquids (Kidney, Liver, Lymph, Enhance & CA) at about 10AM in the morning, and the other half at about 3PM, no later, in the evening.

Children between the ages of 2 and 15 should start at 1 drop/4 lbs. of body weight and graduate at 1 drop/2 lbs. of body weight.

Nature Path’s Rule of Thumb
"For every year the body has a condition, it will take the body a month to repair itself."

"As people move through the 20th Century, people’s schedules and lifestyles have moved to a blazing fast speed that stands in opposition to the body’s natural schedule and speed of repair and healing that has gone unchanged over the millenniums." —– Daniel Phend

Important Warnings – Please Heed:

1) There are no side effects or reactions to the "Clear" Line™ unless the patient is allergic to the specific herbs present in each product or they ingest more than the recommended dose suggested by their health professional.

2) Due to the high alcohol content of the "Clear" Line™ liquid formulas, clients with ulcers may have difficulty taking these formulas because the alcohol will irritate the lining of the stomach.

3) It is not recommended that a client take Enhance if he/she is also taking a blood thinner, due to three or more herbs in this formula that are historically known to thin the blood. Any cut or laceration could lead to excessive bleeding.

4) Once a woman has found out that she is pregnant she should discontinue use of the “Clear” Line™, though there is nothing in these formulas that would prevent becoming pregnant.

A Recurrant Health Threat is Back – Whooping Cough

There is yet another threatening storm slowly building in the West.  The whooping cough is back, the worst it has been in 50 years, according to NPR, and becoming a serious threat to the youngest of our family members.  The Whooping cough is usually not a major issue due to the effectiveness of vaccination, but with the high cost of vaccines, some doctors are having difficulty affording them and are therefore not offering these vaccines to their patients.  Please listen to this audio clip from NPR for more information on this dire situation.

Our children all across the country may be facing yet another severe threat on their lives unless something is done quickly to quell this storm.  To assist the body in its natural detoxification processes, Daniel Phend, Master Herbalist and President of Future Body Sciences, Inc., recommends Lymph Clear and CA Clear to help strengthen the body in its fight against this recurrent threat.

Also Check out this article talking about the EPA deciding about naming coal ash a hazardous material: http://www.futurebodysciences.com/PRO/2010/08/epa-to-decide-whether-coal-ash-is-hazardous-waste/

K-Clear™ – The “Clear” Line™

K-Clear part of the All-Natural Herbal product line from Future Body Sciences called the "Clear" Line

K Clear is a solution containing a high concentration of potassium chloride. The ingredients are potassium, chloride and distilled water. It is taken away from food between lunch and dinner. The potassium helps to alkalize the body while the chloride sanitizes the intestines. Daniel calls potassium chloride the “great cooler and sanitizer.”

K Clear and Mag Clear are used together for cellular hydration, especially in the Kidney Clear Phase of the “Clear” Line Protocol.